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The confidential documents (level: CO) listed below are not available for downloading.

NoTitleLevelDelivery dateFile
D11Project HandbookCO2013-02-26 
D12Final Project ReportPU2016-06-24 
D21Socio-economic scenarios, technical specifications and architecture for the proof of conceptPU2013-06-03 
D22Operational technical handbookPU2013-06-03 
D23 Parameters and basic conditions for the market research and the business modelPU2013-06-03 
D31Market surveyPU2014-04-25 
D34TUCAN3G business model: case study and field verificationPU2016-06-16 
D41UMTS/HSPA network dimensioningPU2013-11-11 
D4113G Small Cell Planning Tool for Remote Rural AreasPU2016-02-16 
D42Optimization and monitoring of HNB networkPU2014-11-12 
D43Interoperability of access and transport networkPU2015-04-21 
D44Specification of features for an LTE-A access networkPU2015-07-31 
D51Technical requirements and evaluation of WiLD, WIMAX and VSAT for backhauling rural femtocells networksPU2013-10-09 
D511ns-3 Extension for Simulating WiFi/WiMAX Long Distance LinksPU2016-02-16 
D52Heterogeneous transport network testbed deployed and validated in laboratoryPU2014-05-27 
D53Transport network optimization solutionsPU2015-03-25 
D61Situation report of the deployment area, sensitization results and statePU2014-03-08 
D62Report on test equipmentCO2015-09-03 
D63Pilot network deploymentPU2016-06-24 
D64Network Interconnection and Validation Report (Annex 5)PU2016-06-24 
D64Network interconnection and validation report (document)PU2016-06-24 
D71Dissemination and standardization reportCO2014-02-01 
D72Second interim dissemination/standardisation report and planCO2014-07-13 
D73Final dissemination/standardization reportPU2016-06-16 
D74Plan of use of knowldegeCO2016-06-24 
M11First periodic activity reportCO2014-01-31 
M12Second periodic activity reportCO2015-09-04 
M13Third periodic activity reportCO2016-06-24 
M32Portfolio of products and servicesCO2014-06-30 
M33Costs budget, financial models and key indicatorsCO2014-09-24 
M34Description of business model methodologyCO2014-06-15 
M44Specification of features for the reference LTE-A access network and preliminary algorithmsCO2015-03-23 
M61Upgraded networksCO2014-07-01 
M62Femtocell first version installedCO2016-06-15 
M63Installation and interconnection completedCO2016-02-16 
M713Half-day technical workshopCO2016-06-21