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Why do we need the project?

Rural communities in developing countries suffer from a lack of communication services, sometimes replaced by an expensive and difficult-to-maintain public satellite phone, usually subsidized by Government, without data services.

In some communities, WiFi or WiMAX provides wireless Internet  and voice coverage to a restricted number of inhabitants for health and educational services. The tradeoff cost-effectiveness is quite disadvantageous.

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In larger towns, cellular telephony has a limited access to Internet (GSM, GPRS) or no access at all, due to low capacity backhauling. However, this has not prevented a quick and successful adoption of cellular technologies (e.g. Sta Clotilde, in Peru).

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In rural areas of developing countries, voice and Internet access must converge with the help of cellular technologies, but three difficulties need to be solved:

  1. Backhaul capacity
  2. Cost of base stations
  3. Business models adapted to people with lowest incomes