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Knowledge and Innovation Consultants (KINNO)

Brief description of the organisation

KiNNO provides services and resources to significantly enhance technology based innovations in SMEs and research organisations. KiNNO offers knowledge & innovation services aiming at strengthening innovation capacity, such as: technology acquisition, technology evaluation, protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR's), negotiations as well as market and business analysis to determine the potential and means for a technology to become successful in the market. KiNNO has been supporting SMEs and organisations to build networks and clusters to better exploit their research results as well as acquire know-how and technology. Its services support RTOs to better exploit the results of their research (license out), as well as industry players seeking to acquire technologies (license in), with the objective of bridging the gap between research and innovation. KiNNO is a pioneer in the creation of a market for Technology Transfer the Mediterranean region and has developed a sophisticated network of professional expertise and regional contacts by participating in Technology Transfer & Licensing Associations, such as Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) and others (TII, ASTP and LESI). KiNNO holds significant working experience and expertise on market analysis and RTD & Innovation development. Moreover, it has developed strong experience in managing innovation related projects as well as personnel training in innovation related topics such as the EU Framework Programmes, Technology Transfer and Spin-Off creation.

Main tasks attributed in the project

WP2: Analysis of the market in the Peruvian and Colombian Amazon areas with the view to identify and understand data at national and regional levels.

WP3: To propose sustainable business models of operation, for 3G services as well as regulatory strategies and pricing, so as tu assure the socio-economic success of the project.

WP7: Scientific dissemination in appropriate conferences and journals. Devise plans for knowledge utilization beyond lifespan of the project.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks:

KiNNO has previously worked on analysing market data, as well as identifying appropriate business models of operations and roll out plans to reach the market. A characteristic example of KiNNO's previous experience was the market analysis and the feedback obtained from the pilot evaluations, to identify a suitable business model for the commercial exploitation of a system, ccomprising of a web-based platform that provides dynamic capabilities to learning networks to monitor, sustain and enhance their organizational structure and activities. The identification of business models entails specific service offering schemes tailored to the needs of different target groups taking into account geographical and demographical data. Moreover, KiNNO's experience in business model development include a detailed financial plan as well as a plan outlining deployment scenarios related to the first years of roll-out.