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Universidad de Cauca (UCAU)

Brief description of the organisation

The University of Cauca (UCAU), located in Popayan (Cauca), was founded in 1827 by the Liberators Bolivar and Santander, and is one of the most traditional and prestigious public universities in the country. The Telematic Engineering Group (GIT) is one of its strongest and experienced research groups. GIT performs research and teaching activities in the Telematics Department. Research and development activities are focused on two main lines: Convergent Telecommunications Services, and Applications and Services on Internet; in the former there is a work area on wireless technologies. These activities have been supported by international entities as the European Union (@LIS), the World Bank (infoDev), NIH (USA), CYTED, Bavarian Research Foundation, etc., national entities as Colciencias (S&T agency) and the ministries of ICT and Education, and telco operators and SMEs. Faculty members: 5 Ph.D. Professors, 7 M.Sc. Professors, and 2 Assistant Professors. The group is responsible for teaching undergraduate and Master Programs at the Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering school, and at the Telematic Engineering Doctoral Program.

Main tasks attributed in the project

WP2: Contribute to the definition of the system requirements and the scenarios.

WP3: Contribute to business case study in Colombia.

WP5: Study and Analysis of end-to-end QoS and admission control strategy to assure a interaction between the access and transport network, regardless technology

WP6: Tasks of validation of the platform deployed in Colombia.

WP7: Leader. Dissemination with national authorities, regional telcos and remote communities in Colombia.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks

GIT participated in three European @LIS projects (EHAS, E-LANE and LINK-ALL) in which one of their responsibilities was the installation and operation of wireless infrastructures for providing connectivity to remote communities in Colombia. Also, in LINK-ALL it participated in the definition of a coherent business framework for rural producers in a digital inclusion context. As a partner of the EHAS consortium, it has had in charge the deployment of rural wireless networks in Colombia, and explored their use on telemedicine and distance learning; two recent actions in this field are TRSMI (Rural telemedicine for maternal-child health) and MASERATTI (Improving health care in rural areas through telemedicine applications for wireless technologies), both funded by CYTED. Further info at http://git.unicauca.edu.co/.