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Centro Regional de Productividad del Cauca (CREP)

Brief description of the organisation

The Regional Centre for Innovation and Productivity of Cauca (CREPIC by its Spanish short name) is a non-profit knowledge organization, which acts as a catalyst of the institutional, entrepreneurial and social capabilities of the local industrial sector in Cauca. The CREPIC was created by the Regional Chamber of Commerce, University of Cauca and the Regional Government Agency. Currently, CREPIC includes an interdisciplinary team with 40 highly qualified members and one research group ranked in B category in the "National Science and Technology Department of Colombia".

CREPIC will participate in the project with the research group: the Regional Models for Competitiveness Group (GMRC). GMRC is an interdisciplinary group that conducts research and teaching in three lines: Innovation and Technology Management, Knowledge Management in organizations and territories, and Social Appropriation of Knowledge Management Approaches. This contributes to the generation of innovation capacities in enterprises and social organizations in the region. Funds for its projects come from national agencies supporting Science and Technology, ministries and local organisations. Faculty members: 1 Associate Professor and 4 researchers with M.Sc. degree. The group develops social interaction activities with communities, businesses and NGOs in the region and nationwide.

Main tasks attributed in the project

WP2: Definition of a survey to refine the user requirements. It will apply to operators, users and local government, in a remote location in non-urban area that meets the conditions and is determined by the project using special methodologies for these locations, survey application and analysis of survey results.

WP3: Business case study in remote areas in Colombia.

WP7: Development of a plan of social appropriation of technology for each stakeholder: operator, user and government.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks

GMRC in the last 10 years has developed research, social appropriation of knowledge, and production improvement projects involving communities, enterprises, and social and productive leaders of various rural and remote regions of southern Colombia. Those activities have generated consultation scenarios and collective dynamics to improve regional capabilities of social and productive innovation. Among projects executed: Conceptual Design of the Tourism Product for the Tourist Business Network of Cauca, and Use of Competitive Intelligence Approaches and Tools for Linkage to the Network Rural Agribusiness Market in Cauca.