IP.Access (IPA)

Brief description of the organisation

IP.Access Ltd is an innovator, developer and manufacturer of small cell infrastructure solutions for home, business, or public use and is an acknowledged world-leader across a number of key measures. The company's range of small cell (picocell and femtocell) solutions for 3G, EDGE GSM and LTE deployments combine IP and wireless technologies and have all the key components needed - small cell access points, converged access gateways, and network management solutions - to help operators drive down costs and increase the coverage and capacity of mobile networks, and has also been independently ranked by ABI Research as the world's number 1 picocell vendor.

Main tasks attributed in the project

WP2: Contribute to the definition of the system requirements and the scenarios.

WP3: Contribute to the analysis of demand, revenues, CAPEX and OPEX structure, business case and the evaluation of different business models.

WP4: Contribute to the specification of access, mobility, user and network synchronization, dimensioning and interoperability, QoS, Security.

WP6: Provide equipment for the demonstration platform at reduced cost and technical support for connectivity.

WP7: Present results as appropriate in industry forums and conferences. Devise plans for knowledge utilization beyond lifespan of TUCAN3G.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks:

The company's nanoGSM® and nano3G® picocell solutions provide 2G and 3G coverage and capacity for offices, shops, stations, remote rural areas and even passenger aircraft and ships, with live installations in more than 60 networks around the world. We have ample experience deploying networks using all types of IP backhaul, including VSAT, in remote areas and mobile sites like airplanes, leisure and commercial maritime vessels, and remote villages.