Telefónica del Perú (TdP)

Brief description of the organisation

Telefónica del Perú is part of the Telefónica Group, one of the leading integrated telecommunications operators worldwide in providing solutions for communication, information and entertainment, with presence in Europe, Africa and Latin America, which is present in 25 countries and has a customer base over than 307 million to December 2011. Telefónica, with over 80 years of experience since its establishment in Spain in 1924, is a private company, with over 1.5 million direct shareholders and is listed on the continuous market on the Spanish stock exchanges (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia) and in London, New York, Lima and Buenos Aires.

Telefónica del Peru is the leading operator in the country, operates since 1994 and in the last fifteen years has deeply contributed in the development of the telecommunications in Peru having installed more than two million telephone lines, one million broadband connections to the Internet and more than fifteen million mobile phones, with a significant presence in rural areas. Within Telefonica del Peru, the Rural Business Unit is responsible for managing the services in rural areas, both voice and Internet, fixed and mobile, whether these installed as part of the commercial operation of the company or as a commitment with de Peruvian State. On the other hand, the Network Planning Unit is responsible for testing and selecting the best networking technologies for deployment of commercial services both in urban and rural areas.

Main tasks attributed in the project

WP2: Contribute to the definition of the system requirements and the scenarios.

WP3: Contribute to the analysis of demand, Revenues, Capex and Opex structure, business case and the evaluation of different business models

WP4: Contribute to the specification of access, mobility, user and network synchronization, QoS, Security.

WP6: Contribute to the ex post analysis with real data from the implementation and the interconnection with the network of Telefónica

WP7: Present results as appropriate in industry forums and conferences. Devise plans for knowledge utilization beyond lifespan of the project.

Previous experience relevant to those tasks:

Telefonica del Perú (TdP) delivers end to end rural services in more than 20000 rural villages in Peru with his own Network, ranging from telephony to the Internet access, both fixed and mobile. TdP manages the commercial, operational and customer care processes. Over the last years TdP has been exploring various business models, alternative technologies and processes for the rural areas. In November 2010, TdP began operating the project BAS (Broadband for isolated villages with FITEL funds) for more than 3,800 isolated rural villages; In February 2011 TdP began operating the project "Integration of Rural Areas to the Mobile Service" (FITEL funds) in 200 villages in the peruvian jungle, in both cases it was used 2G Femtocells with VSAT in the backhaul, to provide residential services to fixed and mobile voice. It has also deployed several services using WiMAX access technology in 3.5GHz band and using unlicensed bands for wireless access and transport. In 2010 TdP completed the first trial of LTE in 700MHz band in Latin America.