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System integration and demonstration platform

TUCAN3G not only seeks finding a feasible technologically solutionto provide3G accessto isolated rural communities in developing countries, but also it will deeply studythe market and propose sustainable business models for such a solution. These are the first two columns supportingthe project. A third equally important columnis the implementation of a demonstration pilot project in the Peruvian jungle, which in turn hasa three fold function: 

  • To technically verifythe feasibility and appropriateness of the solution,
  • To test the initial hypotheses and the results obtained from the theoretical market study and the proposed business model
  • To serve as a showcase where international cooperation agencies, mobile operators and investment funds can get references on a model for feasible and profitable rural telecommunications and mobile broadband to isolated environments in developing countries.

The EHAS Foundation and the Rural Telecommunications Group of PUCP has been working since 1997 on appropriate technological solutions for the deployment of telecommunications networks in remote areas. In this context, pilot telecommunications networks have been deployed providing sustainable Internet access and IP telephony. TUCAN3G intends to use transport networks already deployed by EHAS and PUCP as platforms where access and transport solutions developed in this project will be tested. For this purpose, the existing transport infrastructure will be upgraded and complemented with an access network consisting of 16 femtocells to be deployed in at least 4 isolated communities.

To guarantee the success of this technical objective, the coordination between the mobile operator and the regulator will be critical. For these reasons, TdP (which has and extensive experience in network deployment in rural areas) and FITEL (which aims to promote social and economic development in rural areas and has offered full support to this project) will play an important role on the design of the demonstration platform.